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Hello, I'm Yordy – a dedicated advocate for personal and professional growth. With a strong background in program management and project expertise, I've spent 8+ years in the nonprofit sector. Holding a Bachelor's in Public Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, my skill set covers Project Management, Resource Allocation, Social Media, Data Handling, and Platform Management.

Throughout my journey, my commitment to guiding individuals toward their full potential has only grown stronger. This drive, coupled with my desire to make a meaningful impact, led me to start Prevail Life Coaching. I wanted to create a platform where individuals could access the support, guidance, and tools needed to overcome obstacles and thrive.

I excel in recruiting, community outreach, and resource allocation, meticulously tracking attendance and success metrics. Beyond my professional life, I actively volunteer with nonprofits, fostering a positive mindset and growth in those I mentor.

Proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Suites, and Salesforce, and bilingual in English and Spanish, I've completed Google's Project Management Specialization. As a Program operations Director at Common Denominator (formerly Top Honors Inc.), I consistently deliver engaging programming and drive achievement.

Join me on a journey of growth, empowerment, and achievement. Your success story starts here!



Explore the essence of my professional journey on my website. From impactful achievements to a diverse skill set, delve into the comprehensive story of a results-driven individual. Uncover the potential for collaboration and innovation – your next success story awaits. Visit now and envision the possibilities.



Take a closer look, and discover how my academic journey aligns seamlessly with the qualities and skills your team is looking for.


Project Management Certification

I bring a strategic approach to project planning, execution, and delivery. Dive into my credentials to explore the comprehensive skill set acquired through rigorous training and real-world application. From meticulous project planning to seamless team collaboration, my certification is a testament to a proven ability to drive successful project outcomes.


Discover a diverse set of skills that sets me apart. From strategic thinking and problem-solving to effective communication and adaptability, my skill set is a dynamic asset.

Strategic Planning

Resume Support

Program Development 

Project Management

Target Planning

Self Development Plans


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